The story of the Hainsworth Mill is intricately woven etoro webtrader review throughout 230 years of history, across 7 generations of our family.

Scarlet and Argent connects our family to your own through the comforting textures, swathes of colour and luxurious essentials that we hold so dearly to our hearts. Woven with generations of skill, dedication and knowledge, we hope that they will be loved for years to come.

Named Scarlet and Argent to reflect our history and heritage (Scarlet for the uniforms provided to the Military all the way back to the Battle of Waterloo, and Argent which is an old English word for white, reflecting our ability to produce clean, white fabric) our brand epitomises all that our family has worked for over 230 years, the pride in the skill and creativity within our mill and the important connection of self and family.

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